One Water

Humans require fresh water for survival, which is only 2.5 % of the total water on earth, of which only 1%  is accessible. Out of that, two-thirds is used in agriculture globally. It is even higher (85 %) in India. Out of this, almost 60% of the water is wasted due to leaks and inefficient techniques globally. In Gujarat, 80% of irrigation is done by ground water which means a lot of wastage. 

We all know how important availability of clean and safe drinking water is. This motivated us to create ‘One Water’  which saves water by automating drip irrigation. We use soil moisture sensors to find out when the crop needs water. This saves water and electricity both plus it increases yield.



GIS, Geographical Information System can add economic and strategic value to any business. GIS applications help to visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, trends to make an informed and effective business decisions.

Nascent has a dedicated team of GIS experts that provide complete GIS solutions to organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. Nascent designs and develops customized web GIS applications. Also provides GIS services like remote sensing, GIS surveys, database creation, data mapping, data analysis, data visualization and web publishing.

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One Music

We all like listening to music and enjoy it on speakers while dancing. Today, we have super computer like smart phones in our pockets, which have inbuilt loud speaker mode. So the idea of One Music app is to synchronize the speakers of multiple smart phones and create the effect of a home-theatre system.

We have developed this app for iOS only as of now. So this kind of innovative entertainment will require all group members playing One Music to have iPhones for now. The idea is to eliminate the use of separate loud speakers using a handful of mobiles. Thus, you can enjoy your favorite music with your friends anytime and anywhere without internet connection.