With the technological upheaval, as the web is changing everything, why should GIS remain an exception? Use of web technology in GIS to communicate between a server and a client defines the Web GIS, in which server is GIS server and client is desktop application, mobile application, or web browser. 

Global reach of Web GIS enables you to present your GIS application to the world and the world can access it from their desktops and mobile devices. It is very obvious that a traditional desktop can be used by only one user at a time, whereas Web GIS can be used by thousands of users simultaneously. 

Web GIS’s important feature comes in from its unique cross-platform capability. As almost all the web browsers comply coherently with HTML and JavaScript, Web GIS that relies on HTML will naturally support different operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux, and Apple Mac OS. 

Web GIS is designed for broad audience, and so is designed to use easily. Its usability has made for it possible to be used by everyone in an enterprise as well as by the public on the whole. Also, as the number of users increases, the cost of the service decreases, because you do not need to buy software or pay to use the Web GIS. 

We at Nascent, have a dedicated and enthusiastic team of GIS experts who engage in providing complete development and design of customized web GIS applications.