Smart Street

Traffic congestion is an all too familiar bane in any country. Getting everyday stuck in traffic, amidst buses, cars, and motorbikes creates a mayhem as well as time lag. With traffic also there are peak hours and low, where mostly around late morning and evening hours, the traffic on the roads is at peak due to office hours. Facing traffic queues daily becomes really uncomfortable and frustrating after a period of time. To tackle traffic jamming continuous talks and debates have been going on to deduce a proper and effective solution. 

The options mostly revolve around whether to expand roadways, improve rail or bus transit services, apply road pricing and implement transportation demand management strategies or to put cameras or an altogether new technology to manage traffic effectively. Over time many solutions have been found but some are either costly while some are really not feasible for execution at the very junction considering long run routine and habits. 

When we began working on this problem we decided to find a long running practical solution. So we diverted our focus on information update and sharing, thus providing citizens and police with a way of knowing where the congestion currently is, so that they divert themselves to lesser congested routes. While the issue can be approached through the use of cameras, that may not be required in this case and hence a lot of optical fiber cabling costs can also be saved using our technology.

Thereby, Nascent Info Technologies, with its strong research and development team, has designed an innovative solution to meet the product design challenges. This application’s standpoint will ensure smoother traffic patterns in the city while ensuring better information in hands of citizens and traffic police. For convenience this becomes a useable tool since the user gets time to pre-plan instead of getting held in traffic. Hence the name Smart Street!

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