Book Reader: Revolutionizing the way of Reading & Writing

An eBook is an electronic version of a book; it allows users to read publications on personal computers and mobile devices; with the layout, figures, and images intact—but can make changes as per their needs for study purpose. Users can read eBooks on-line or download them for offline reading.


E-reading opens the door to leisure at the tip of your fingers. It invites connectivity by clicking, reading, interacting and purchasing at one’s own convenience. Though, both print and eBook offer different reading experiences, each one is best when it comes to reading for spirit. And as the world is going constantly towards digitization, this is the perfect way to accomplish one’s wish or passion to read on the go because the ease and ecstasy eBooks offer is divine and perfunctory!


Ebooks are easy to access. They are cost effective, shareable, easy to find, convenient to go through, very easy to sell and distribute. On another plus side- fonts in eBooks can be resized and adjusted, which again proves to be beneficial.


At Nascent, we believe People Love Technology That Loves People. Hence we have developed a product which is well designed and easy to use. The introduction of the app lays down the basics and gives its readers a best and convenient experience of using the technology. With an addition of many options within the app one can opt for lower prices and portability topping out the list of the books. Book Reader can be downloaded to a computer, PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other reading device. It has numbered pages, table of contents, pictures and graphics, exactly like a printed book.

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