Augmented Reality

Planning a perfect trip involves many carefully thought out and well-aligned practices to ensure that travel, lodging, and entertainment during stay are all reserved that too well ahead of time, and are delivered as our expectations when we arrive and begin our trip. Such meticulous planning can quickly become tedious to handle.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology benefiting and enhancing the real world with digital information and media, such as 3D structures and videos, by showcasing the glimpses of reality in virtual mode. This is made possible by the positioning of camera lens in real-time via devices like smart-phones, tablets, desktops and other compatible ones. Augmented reality is meant for travelers to help them experience a revolutionizing way of travel. It makes the process of planning for a journey more seamless, interactive, and simple. This technology makes it possible to layer digital enhancements over an existing reality or real life scenario. 

For tourism, this means that booking your hotel, accessing information and navigating around your destination, translating written or spoken signs or conversations, and locating dining and entertainment options can all be achieved simply by utilizing a mobile application. In other words it defines pure comfort at the tap of your fingers.

Nascent understands that tourism is a booming industry which enables people to explore, experience, and enjoy destinations and cultures other than their own.  So we have taken a step forward to help travelers with this augmented reality technology by developing this easy to use app for choosing the destinations and activities before and while traveling and ultimately adding to an enriching experience of journey itself.

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