A stage where hierarchies melt and hands join together in innovative festivities

By the Employees

Every month the Nascent crew comes together in a spirit of camaraderie to promote creativity within the team. The Ambassadors pick out the best creative entry of the month and the Creative Master presents his/her work to the entire team. Each one at Nascent is part of the bigger picture, and on the Kaleidoscope platform, it is his/her time to shine.

For the Employees

With the support of the millennial zeal of the HR and Administration, the Ambassadors organize the entire fest. Our doors are open: walk-ins are welcomed, walk-outs are bid a jolly farewell, and those who keep going for over 3 years or more receive an accolade for their perseverance. The soirée culminates in a collective celebration for all the birthday boys and girls of the month.

Of the Employees

We are a hive not a hierarchy. Each employee is special and his/her contribution unique. Kaleidoscope is our tangible extrapolation of fostering and appreciating talent no matter how minuscule: the ride is ours and so are the reins.