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CITYLAYERS Just about what you need to

Make a city smart

We are open about it…

CityLayers is brought to life with some very state-of-the-art technologies: it is an OCG-compliant, unrestricted software based on 4 core Open Source technologies - PostgreSQL along-with PostGIS, GeoServer and OpenLayers. This is in alignment with the guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in the promotion and use of open source software. This makes CityLayers a highly cost-effective solution since the corporations can avoid upfront and annual tech support charges, eventually reducing total Cost of Ownership by a whopping 90 percent.

If it is smart, it should be user-friendly…

True enough, the CityLayers suite is extremely user-friendly. It allows the customer complete freedom from hardware, user, plug-in, version, product-based licensing, to name a few. A built-in QGIS connector in the CityLayers suite allows unlimited users across all departments to edit and validate spatial data, located on the central database against LDAP authentication based on their respective rights and privileges. CityLayers also offers the Common Operational Picture, which allows for collaborative planning and combined execution of upgradation, upload and collation of all digital data.