Social & Digital Media Management: Zydus

Zydus Cadila is a fully integrated, global healthcare provider. As a leading Indian Pharmaceutical company with an in-depth domain expertise in the field of healthcare, Zydus has strong capabilities across the spectrum of the pharmaceutical value chain. Represented across 5 continents, Zydus required a strong social media presence to increase its ever-extending global footprint.
Keeping in mind the philosophy and vision of the pharmaceutical giant, Nascent maintains Zydus’ online presence on Twitter and LinkedIn with focus on highlighting the Zydus Group as a multi-platform company and its body of research and innovation; and bring into limelight the group as a professional, progressive and innovation-rich, career option for professionals worldwide.
A well-strategized social media plan for Zydus involves a series of thoughtful campaigns that addressed health issues and medical conditions of the hour. These are backed by friendly yet formal posts that are invigorating and informative. The awareness-driven campaigns are designed keeping in mind benefits for the public at large and an increased engagement with the audience via inspiring posts that intend to compel people to give their health a thorough thought. 
Original content is formulated based on an in-depth research. The plans are well coordinated with data/information driven by the World Health Organization (WHO) page. Any information uploaded on the social platforms is first rectified by medical health professionals to avoid misinformation and dire consequences. Some major campaigns run so far are #HerHealthMatters #ChooseLifeNotTobacco #EndTheStigma #WelcomeSummer