Geographic Information System: VSCDL GIS

India is steadily moving towards a future where most of her towns and villages will soon be urbanized. The boom of urban growth comes with its own set of issues, the biggest one being the non-availability of data of city assets in a digital format.  The new buzz word in the world of governments is g-governance. G-governance involves use of geospatial technology to radically reform governance and take the next level step to making our cities smart. 

The princely city of Vadodara is the cultural capital of Gujarat. Its evolution from a cultural city to a smart one required digitizing its data using GIS technology. Managing the assets of such a mega city required the Vadodara Municipal Corporation to view all its data collated on a single platform so as to facilitate intra- and inter-departmental information exchange thus promoting higher efficiency in decision making and its execution. Digitizing and upgradation of all existing data based on the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, was the smart solution at hand.   

Nascent Info Technologies catered to VMC’s requirements through the implementation of CityLayers, a suite of applications based on the philosophy of the Digital India’s policy of using Open Source software. CityLayers is a customized, near ready-to-use end product which collates, disseminates and provides intelligent analysis of data of all city assets, and satisfies various GIS requirements that supplements e-governance. Based on SOA architecture and OCG-compliant web services, CityLayers is fully capable of integration with all existing e-governance applications. 

Through the CityLayers Departmental Geoportal, authentic data analytics, both spatial and non-spatial, provide a bird’s-eye view of city functions across platforms like desktops, mobiles and tablets. The geoportal, in use within and among 22 departments at VMC, allows for all documentation to be hosted on a single, seamless common operational picture which allows municipal officials to access accurate data over a common platform and implement quick, efficient and informed decisions. 
The CityLayer’s Citizen Portal enables selective data publishing for the citizens and aids the VMC to offer prompt responses to citizens’ grievances and effect efficient and timely measures in order to counteract emergencies.   
The CityLayers mobile Survey App facilitates door-to-door property survey which is inclusive of internal measurement of all properties within VMC limits. Incorporating measurement features for mapping a property, updating details, assessment and tagging, the Survey App provides both internal and external surveyors with an interactive visualization of building footprint.  With a 0.3 m object resolution using satellite mapping, the app provides extremely accurate data.
Aligned with the guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India in the promotion and use of open source software, CityLayers is an unrestricted software based on 4 core Open Source technologies. VMC thus avoids upfront and annual tech support charges, eventually reducing total cost of ownership by almost 90 percent.   
Nascent provides supply, installation and maintenance of the VMC portals in addition to training and capacity building, and ensures post implementation support for 3 years.