System Integration: VMC - ERP

As per the Smart Cities Initiative launched by the Government of India, the city of Vadodara was selected as one of the 60 cities to be made into a smart city. The municipal corporation of such a big city required improving strategic business processes and empowering municipal employees to make faster and more informed decisions on a large scale. So as to support information needs they required to reduce reliance on IT resources.   

The objective of the Nascent’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Project) was to provide efficient services to citizens, administrators and comparators by implementing solutions to enable VMC’s processes and workflows. Nascent’s ERP solutions to meet the needs of VMC achieved the following objectives: 

- Improved the quality of Citizen Service Delivery System and offered these services with optimal efficacy and transparency

- Self-service – Increased user adoption across lines of business using highly intuitive user interfaces designed for specific information needs and available through the desktop, web, or mobile devices

- Comprehensive functionality – Broke data and process silos with solutions that enabled enterprise-wide reporting, analysis, dashboards, advanced analytics, and collaboration

- Single platform – Reduced management and deployment complexity and expanded information services to business users using a shared infrastructure with SAP  Business Objects enterprise information management solutions

The implementation of the above solutions aim to increase productivity and efficiency , improve business agility and competitive advantage through rapid and informed decisions based on reliable business data. In addition to the above, cost and risk are significantly reduced through simplified deployment and optimized use of IT infrastructure and resources. 

VMC Online –  A Customized High Quality Website
Under the Smart Cities Initative, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation required an equally smart website that disseminated information through well organized, strong content, and attractive design. 

The responsive website provides a centralized location for citizens to avail information and for online services. The website is user-friendly   and facilitates and executes in a smooth manner the two-way communication between citizens and administration using Content Management System, (CMS). CMS development allowed the management of the VMC website as per their desire without added cost.  The website has departmental links for detailed information. The web portal designed by Nascent allows citizens ease of payment of Property tax, application for any service, and launch of any complaint, to name a few.