Geographic Information System: Village Information System

Client: DDO Baroda

A Geographic Information Systems is an undeniable, valuable tool for gathering and analyzing spatial information. But it’s not "accessible" to general users. We felt that there is a need to develop application software tools accessible via intranet which includes some preprocessing of the information so that it can be easily presented, displayed, manipulated and downloaded. Keeping these factors in mind, the GIS team at Nascent has developed an application for a few villages in the Dabhoi district of Gujarat.  

Nascent had been assigned, by the Vadodara District Panchayat headed by District Development Office to create village data, develop tools to understand the demand & monitor the implementation effectiveness of schemes in these villages. Data collection for use in the application was accomplished through total Station survey of the villages along with door to door survey and collection of secondary data from relevant authorities. 




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