Social & Digital Media Management: Vibrant Gujarat

Client: Vibrant Gujarat

Vibrant Gujarat has been recognized as one of the most important globally renowned business events in India over the years since its launch in 2003. It began as a way to revive the tempo of investments in Gujarat and has since seen no end to the ambitious journey it began. For an event of such a global scale, Social Media plays one of the key roles. The requirements range from regular updates to important information transit. To meet all the requirements of the client we have developed a strategy to cover all the bases of the Summit from the Pre Summit promotion, Real-time Coverage of the Summit to Post Summit Digital Activities

For each stage we have a different strategy. There are many factors which govern the way a strategy is devised namely the foundation, audience Connect, pace of Social Media portal, & schedule. Unique campaigns are designed for the different aspects of the Summit. A thorough research results in hashtag creation and content. Because of the wide ranging audience of the pages for Vibrant Gujarat we maintain a global tone in each of our postings and develop a very rich content. We maintain a regular frequency for all the social media portals of Vibrant Gujarat.





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