Mobile Applications: Smart City Ahmedabad Development

Smart City Ahmedabad Development Limited: Smart Heritage App (AHA)

Ahmedabad, a heritage city, boasts a rich cultural and historical significance. In line with the vision to preserve and promote the heritage of Ahmedabad, the Smart City Ahmedabad Development Limited (SCADL), an SPV of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation awarded Nascent to develop a cutting-edge smart heritage app. The purpose of this project was to harness the potential of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions to transform the visitor experience and enhance the city's tourism industry.

The vision of the Smart City Ahmedabad Development Limited was to make the visit to Ahmedabad more informative, interactive, and intuitive for tourists. By leveraging easy-to-use mobile app-based technology, the aim was to provide visitors with a comprehensive and engaging platform to explore and immerse themselves in the heritage sites of the city.

Nascent embarked on the project by conducting meticulous site surveys and gathering in-depth requirements to gain a profound understanding of the unique needs and characteristics of the heritage sites in Ahmedabad. This initial step laid the groundwork for the subsequent stages, enabling Nascent to tailor their solutions to the specific context of each site.

Building upon the gathered information, Nascent delved into comprehensive data collection and research. Through field surveys and extensive exploration, they amassed a wealth of valuable information related to the heritage sites. This data formed the basis for developing engaging and validated scripts, enhancing the content and storytelling within the smart heritage app.

With a solid foundation of site knowledge and compelling scripts in hand, Nascent proceeded to design, install, and commission a robust ICT solution tailored specifically to the project's requirements. This involved the integration of various components, such as Bluetooth beacons, QR code scanning technology, and interactive kiosks. Nascent's meticulous attention to detail ensured that the implemented ICT infrastructure seamlessly merged with the heritage sites, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for visitors.

A key aspect of Nascent's approach was the development of a user-friendly and intuitive mobile application, serving as the primary platform for visitors to access the rich heritage content. The app incorporated features such as audio guides, cataloging, tour planning, and augmented reality elements to enrich the visitor experience. Furthermore, Nascent integrated third-party services into the app, enhancing its functionality and offering visitors a comprehensive digital companion during their heritage exploration.

By aligning the vision of preserving heritage with innovative ICT solutions, the partnership between the Smart City Ahmedabad Development Limited and Nascent aimed to serve a digital gateway for visitors to explore Ahmedabad's heritage sites, facilitating a memorable and immersive experience while promoting the city's unique cultural legacy.