Social & Digital Media Management: Sahiyari Kooch

Sahiyari Kooch is the visionary project initiated by Shri Vijay Rupani, CM - Gujarat. The project is conceptualized to eliminate Child Labour and to create awareness about the issues around it. Nascent InfoTech managed Facebook presence of the project. As the issue is very sensitive and future of the nation depends on the presence of these children, Nascent adopted a different approach for Facebook page management. Every child has a hidden talent and an aspiration to do something in life. These kids have that power and we need to realize the same, because once we start believing in their capabilities, able to see the other side of the story, bring out the real potential of the children, we will be able to give them the place in the society, they deserve. Keeping this fundamental thought at the center, Nascent devised a campaign that talks about the 2 parallels of life. This is to sensitize people that if they become proactive, we can see the other brighter side of the story and help these children to provide them a bright future. This thought crafted through a range of beautiful creatives. Simple message and impeccable visuals are the keys of the campaign as shown here:




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