Geographic Information System: PCMC: GIS-Based ERP Implementation

Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation's (PCMC) Smart City Mission is an initiative aiming to promote sustainable and inclusive urban development through the use of technology and data-driven approach with an end goal to improve the quality of life for citizens by providing them with better access to public services and infrastructure while also enhancing the city's overall efficiency and competitiveness.

Nascent is working with PCMC to design and deploy a GIS-enabled ERP system for the Smart City Mission. The project includes the geospatial data collection, preparation of basemap, development and implementation of a web GIS platform and associated applications, development of citizen-centric modules, internal administration portals, digital workflow solution as well as integration with SAP H4/HANNA ERP system.

Nascent deployed advance survey techniques like LiDAR, panoromic image capturing to prepare city level base map and to gather information related to land use, land cover, deviations of properties, PCMC assets, road features and other utilities. The information is visualized on Nascent’s proprietary platform CityLayers that will enable city officials for effective decision making having an additional location context.

Nascent is conducting a door-to-door surveys of properties within PCMC's jurisdiction to gather information related to land use, land cover, deviations of properties, PCMC assets, and road features. The project also involved the generation of a unique Smart Addressing System and the migration of data from identified existing IT applications.

As the project is ongoing, Nascent Info Technologies is actively working on the implementation of the GIS-enabled ERP system and its associated applications. Once complete, the project is expected to improve PCMC's decision-making capabilities through its data-driven and geospatial approach and provide a range of citizen-centric services.