Social & Digital Media Management: Ministry of Tourism

Client: Ministry of Tourism

Promoting India as the preferred destination for travelers around the globe (domestic/international) is the primary focus of the “Incredible India” campaign of the Ministry of Tourism (MOT). Nascent Info Technologies is associated with conceiving, strategizing and running this campaign on various social media platforms.

Nascent Info has been successfully managing the online campaign of “Incredible India” on the social media through activities like maintaining social media handles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) on daily basis, theme based content curation for the posts, paid promotions and creation of influencer base for increasing the reach. Some other regular online engagement activities as part of the project includes conducting live sessions from various locations, live sessions with various people, managing PR activities and so on.

The focus of the messages for the “Incredible India” is around various tourist attractions in India like Adventure Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Leisure Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Culinary Tourism etc. Apart from this various important tourist circuits in India too are promoted. During the pandemic, when international travel was banned, the focus of the message shifted to attracting domestic tourists to various locations within the country. There was also a campaign to attract domestic tourists to nearby lesser known destinations with the intent of reviving tourism in the country.

Nascent Info has been also handling the social media presence of the MOT and publishing all the important tourism related policies and announcements of the Ministry on various social media platforms.

The online campaigns have been very effective and praised in all quarters. Some of the highlights of the campaign are:

- Various analytics confirmed that “Incredible India” was one of the most engaging travel pages during the period of Jan'21-Apr'21 in India

- The followers on Instagram increased from 190k to 450k in just a year
- Many content posted had millions of views, few of them even crossing the 5 million markNascent Info has been able to use the social media platforms very effectively to showcase India’s rich and diverse tourist destinations to both the international and domestic tourists and help the audience experience the real spirit of India.

The entire tourism industry is going through a process of refocus and redefinition forced upon by pandemic.  MOT too is doing its best to manoeuvre Indian Tourism Industry through various phases of “Survive”, “Revive” and “Thrive” phases prescribed for the industry to resurrect its past glory. Nascent Info, as the Social Media partner to MOT, is fully geared up and doing its bit for the Indian Tourism industry by continuous, effective and efficient handling of the communication on various social media platforms through this project.