Geographic Information System: KVIC: Enterprise GIS Solutions & App

KVIC is a statutory body established by the Government of India under the Khadi and Village Industries Commission Act, 1956. The organization's mission is to promote and develop Khadi and village industries in rural areas and to create sustainable employment opportunities for the rural population. KVIC's programs are aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, enhancing productivity, and improving the standard of living of rural communities.

Nascent has worked with Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) to digitalise their schemes and programs and implement the Enterprise GIS applications for department and public use.

By developing the web/mobile-based Inspection Application, Nascent has enabled KVIC to streamline their inspection processes. The application allows KVIC officials to conduct on-site verifications of units established under various programs. This digitized approach has significantly reduced paperwork, improved data accuracy, and expedited the overall inspection process. KVIC can now efficiently monitor the progress of units and ensure compliance with program requirements, thus enhancing the effectiveness of their programs.

The GIS-based application for Geo-Tagging of units has proven to be instrumental in tracking the establishment process of units under different schemes and programs. Through geo-tagged photographs and media, KVIC can monitor the development and growth of these units across India. This has facilitated better data management, enhanced transparency, and improved decision-making for KVIC

The development of the public Geo portal has provided citizens with easy access to geographic information related to Khadi and V.I. institutions, SFURTI Clusters, and units established under the Prime Minister Employment Generation Program (PMEGP). This portal has empowered the public to view and utilize this information, promoting transparency and fostering citizen engagement. Additionally, it has simplified the process for individuals interested in availing benefits under these programs by providing a user-friendly platform to access relevant information.

Through a collaborative approach, Nascent has remained committed to delivering high-quality solutions that address KVIC's specific challenges. The team has actively engaged with KVIC stakeholders, gathering feedback and incorporating necessary enhancements throughout the project lifecycle. Nascent's expertise in software development, data management, and user experience design has ensured that the applications are robust, user-friendly, and aligned with KVIC's goals. The solutions have empowered KVIC with efficient processes, improved data management, and enhanced stakeholder engagement, ultimately supporting KVIC in fulfilling its mission of promoting Khadi and village industries for the betterment of rural communities.



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