Web Portal Design & Development: Gujarat Tourism

Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. – TCGL

The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd (TCGL) has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive travel assistance and services to tourists visiting the state of Gujarat. With a wide range of offerings, including lodging, special tours, and ground transportation, TCGL aims to ensure a memorable and hassle-free experience for every traveler.

TCGL recognized the need to embrace digital transformation to enhance its tourism services and engage with visitors more effectively and sought a cutting-edge solution to streamline their operations, enable personalized trip planning, and create an interactive platform for tourists to explore Gujarat's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

In a competitive tender process, Nascent emerged as the chosen partner to develop an integrated digital platform solution for TCGL. Leveraging the power of Adobe Suite of products, Nascent crafted a comprehensive solution for tourists to engage with Gujarat's tourism offerings.

The project included the development of two different ontologies, one for the user profile and one for knowledge and details surrounding tourism, to encourage visitors to plan their stay and remind them about events.

The key features of the project included an integrated digital platform with a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that provides mobile-friendly forms with drag-and-drop capabilities. The project also offers a trip planner, interactive maps with analytics, and an online booking portal with administrative facilities for updating, acquisition, lodging, room space, pricing, promotions, and property expansion details. Additionally, the project included a chatbot and grievance redressal system to address any complaints submitted through the portal.

The Nascent E-Tourism System offers a centralized online booking system for hotels, tours, car reservations, and private accommodations for the state government. It provides B2C and back-office reservations (B2B) with separate inventory of room info-pricing, capability & static information (services, map, photos), statistics including room information, pricing, capacity, location-wise booking reports, etc.

Since the implementation of Nascent's digital platform solution, tourists now have access to an integrated platform that simplifies trip planning, offers personalized recommendations, and facilitates easy online bookings.

The collaboration between TCGL and Nascent has significantly enhanced the tourism experience in Gujarat. While the impact is noteworthy, further developments and continuous enhancements will continue to shape the tourism industry in Gujarat. TCGL and Nascent remain committed to providing seamless and immersive experiences for tourists, ensuring Gujarat maintains its reputation as a captivating destination.





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