Social & Digital Media Management: Digital Camp

Keeping abreast with the aim of tapping into the potential of Digital India, Nascent organized a Digital Camp in Himmatnagar in 2015-16 for the District Development Office, Sabarkantha. The objective behind the Digital Camp was to empower rural governance through e-training which included introducing government staff, women engaged in Anganwadi and local authorities to various e-technologies like the Internet, Social Media, Smartphone usage, email etiquette, to name a few.  

The platform created by Nascent brought the local government and its stakeholders together on a single platform thereby bridging that very crucial gap between government and citizens. The customized syllabus was made in the local language (Gujarati). It included learning fundamentals about various information tools on the Internet like Google services like operators, images, maps, drive, etc; e-mail as a communication tool; using smart communication like Whatsapp; using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter; learning the advantages of DigiLocker; and using government portals and sites for better information dissemination.

The workshop opened up a world of possibilities for the rural community and its benefits ranged all the way from promoting existing business to possible entrepreneurial thinking not to mention that it took the confidence level of the participants to a whole other level. This literacy workshop, the first of its kind in the state, seeded the possibility of making the dream of achieving digital literacy in rural India one step closer to reality.      

Digital Camp has covered

- 3000+ households educated
- 800+ women
- 300+ hours of training
- 8000+ kms travelled
- 1 year | 1 district | 33 training


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