Social Media Campaigns: Khel Mahakumbh

Client: Sports Authority of Gujarat

Khel Mahakumbh is India’s biggest state wide sports event. It is an event aimed at developing the sports culture and encouraging sports enthusiast from the state. Khel Mahakumbh 2015 saw lacs of registration and a highly acclaimed platform for participants to showcase their sports talent.Social media promotions played an important role in spreading awareness about the event and in getting more participants. Our mammoth task of getting players to register and share their previous success stories with the online audience was completed in 3 phases namely: Pre Launch, Launch and Post - Launch 

Campaigns like BE A SPORTS, KHELSHE GUJARAT JEETSHE GUJARAT, SUCCESS STORIES, ACHIVEMENTS HIGHLIGHTS were part of this 2015 event. The task of creating an engaging platform for increasing the popularity of the event was a success by making a presence on Social Media platforms like Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Sound Cloud. 






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